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Rubruk's book in Russian translation by O. Malein consists of the introduction and 53 chapters. However, one should be aware that English translations (, 1253-55, as narrated by himself, with two accounts of the earlier journey of John of Pian de Carpine. tr. from the Latin and ed., with an introductory notice, by William Woodville Rockhill. – London: Hakluyt Society, 1900; The mission of Friar William of Rubruck: his journey to the court of the Great Khan Mongke, 1253-1255, tr. by Peter Jackson; introduction, notes and appendices by Peter Jackson with David Morgan. – London: Hakluyt Society, 1990) divided into 22 chapters. Apparently, in the various lists of heads of different divisions, it does not seem to have been the subject of special study. Well, in Europe and America such science as archeography just unknow, but in Ukraine, although there is a special Institute of archeography, but it still not interested in Rubruk.

In this article used the division to the next 53 chapters.

Name Volume, bytes
Preface 905

Arriving in the Crimea

1 Our arrival from Constantinople to Soldaia, the first city of the Tatars 8051

The customs of the Tatars

2 About the Tatars and their homes 4010
3 On their beds, idols and rituals before drinking 2522
4 On their drinks and how they encourage others to drink 1626
5 About their food 1747
6 As they prepare mare's milk 3204
7 About animals that they eat, their clothes and their hunting 3338
8 On the shaving of men and women dress 2498
9 The responsibilities of women, their occupations and their weddings 2792
10 Of their proceedings, courts, death and funeral 3216

A journey from Crimea to Möngke Khan

11 On our arrival in the country of the barbarians and their ingratitude 3379
12 On the Scatay's yard and the fact that Christians do not drink kumiss 3518
13 About Alans that came to us on the eve of Pentecost 1633
14 On a Saracen, who wanted to be baptized, and about some people that took the form of lepers 3315
15 On a burden that we have experienced, and the tombs of Comans 5492
16 About Sartaq and its peoples 2158
17 About Sartaq's yard and his fame 5458
18 The fact that we received orders to go to Sartaq's father Batu 3438
19 Sartaq, Mangu Chan and Keu Chan have honored the Christians. The Origin of Chingis and Tatars 3912
20 On the Russian, Hungarians, Alans and the Caspian Sea 3159
21 On the Batu's court and how he receive us 7614
22 On the Brothers' way to the court of Mangu Khan 3347
23 On the river Jagac and different lands and peoples in this country 3127
24 On hunger, thirst and other disasters that we experienced in this way 3105
25 On the killing of Buri and the dwellings of the Germans in this land 4058
26 On the mixing of the Nestorians and Saracens, and their idolatry 3110
27 On their temples and idols and how they send the service of their gods 4810
28 On the different peoples of those countries and those who have had the custom to eat their parents 7801
29 What happened to us after leaving Cailac in Naiman's land 3171
30 On Naiman's land, death of Keu Khan, his wife and eldest son 2981

Staying at Möngke's court

31 On our arrival at the court of Mangu Khan 4768
32 On Christian chapel and a meeting with the bogus Nestorian monk named Sergius 5885
33 Description of reception made for us 6750
34 On a Lorraine woman and Parisian goldsmith, which we found in the country 2360
35 About Theodolus, clerk of Acre, and other 4255
36 On holiday celebrated by Mangu Khan. The fact that with his primary wife and eldest son visited Nestorian liturgy 6881
37 On the fasting of Nestorians. About how we went to the palace of Mangu Khan, and very many other visits 7896
38 About how the monk Sergius healed lady Cota 5461
39 Description of land lying in the vicinity of the Khan's palace. About customs, coins and writings of the Tatars 4827
40 On the second fast of the eastern nations 6120
41 The work of goldsmith William, and the Khan's Palace in the Karakorum 7816
42 On the Nestorians sacraments. As Christians have confessed by Rubruk and received Easter communion 4267
43 About the disease of master William and the priest Jonah 5633
44 Description of the city of Karakorum. How Mangu khan sent his brothers against different people 7866
45 How many times we was asked. Our conversations and arguments with idolaters 12 930
46 As Khan urged us at the day of Pentecost. About Tartar religion. Talk on our way back 5655
47 About diviners, sorcerers from the Tatars, their bad habits and life 8221
48 Description of a great holiday. On the chart, sent from Mangu Khan to King Louis of France. Fellow of brother William stay among the Tatars 9494


49 The journey from Karakorum to Batu, and from there to the city of Saraj 8337
50 Continuing of the way from Saraj through Alan and Lesgi mountains, through the Iron gates and through other places 4807
51 Continued travel along Araxes. About the city Naksua, Sahensa's land and other places 8960
52 Crossing the Euphrates. Fortress Camath. Returning to Cyprus, Antioch and Tripoli 4026
53 About how brother William wrote from Tripoli to King Louis, informing him about his journey and about sending ambassadors to the Tartars 3760

The volume of chapters in the Rubruk's…

The volume of chapters in the Rubruk's book;
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