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Nicholas Zharkikh

Most reputable "researchers", with titles of candidate and doctor, from high positions researchers historic institutions, sung in her honor such "Akathists":

1. L.Ye. Makhnovets, 1989:

According to the Akathist of St. Barbara, the third (counting illegitimate) Svjatopolk's wife had a name Barbara and she was the daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Comnenus. In synodic of Michael's Monastery, where Barbara was buried, she named Irina, it can be assumed a second name, which she got in, having married. She brought to Kyiv from Constantinople the relics of St. Barbara, which also were in Michael's monastery – for Christianized Russia it was the fact of high prestige. [ – L.Ye. Makhnovets' note for article in 1113]

2. T.Yu. Lyuta, 1990:

St. Barbara – great martyr, who died in Nicomedia (modern Izmit in Turkey) about 306, during the persecution of Christians. Her relics remained in Constantinople. Transported to Kyiv at the beginning of the XII century by daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Alexius Comnenus Barbara, wife of the Grand Prince Svjatopolk Izyaslavich II (1093-1113). The relics were kept in the monastery of St. Michael until 1934, before the destruction of the temple moved to St. Andrew's Church, later to Vladimir's Cathedral, where there are now. The cult of St. Barbara was extremely widespread in Ukraine. As wars in Nicomedia, mentioned by Beauplan, then, obviously, the author admitted inaccuracy. Conquering of Bithynia (whose capital was Nicomedia) by Seljuk Turks happened in the XIV century, ie, after the removal of relics from Constantinople. [Beauplan G.L. . – Kyiv: Naukova Dumka, 1990, note 20]

3. V.V.Vechersky, 1999:

In 1113 grand Duke of Kyiv Svjatopolk Izyaslavich died and was buried in St. Michael's Cathedral. His third wife was Barbara, daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Comnenus. Going to, she took from Constantinople the relics of St. Barbara, which became one of the main Orthodox shrines kept in St. Michael's Cathedral (now – in the Vladimir Cathedral in Kyiv). Princess Barbara buried in the Golden-domed cathedral. [Vechersky V. . – Sights of Ukraine, 1999, № 1]

4. L.V.Voitovich, 2000:

Prince Svjatopolk had three wives. Mother of his eldest son was first concubine. She died ca. 1094. In 1094, Prince married the daughter of the Polovtsian Khan Tugorkan. Polovtsian wife died ca. 1103. In 1104 Svjatopolk Izyaslavich married for the third time with the Byzantine princess Irene-Barbara Comnene [Voitovich L. V. . – Lv.: 2000, article " Svjatopolk-Michael Izyaslavich"]

A look at the reality of marriage Svjatopolk with Princess Barbara Voitovich manifested as previously [Voitovich LV Autonomous principality of Rurikides and Gediminians 12 – 16 cent. – Lv.: 1996, p. 37] and later [Historical Atlas of Ukraine: the ancient past. Rus (Kiev State. Galicia-Volyn state). – K.: Mapa, 2010 – Map "Yaroslavich's marriage policy" on p. 190. In the legend to the map indicated the marriage of Prince Svjatopolk Izyaslavich with Princess Barbara (Irene), daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Alexius Comnenus 1st, which occurred in 1104. Author of genealogical handbook in this atlas is L.V.Voitovich].

I don't aimed to make a complete anthology of statements of this kind, limited only frequently cited contemporary authors. All of them in cited fragments demonstrated their professional unfitness because blindly trusted the late 17th century fantasy. Instead consider the case on the basis of authentic sources from the boundary 11 – 12 cent.