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Colloid science / Electrical double layer / Structure of an electric double layer in a flat capillary

Structure of an electric double layer in a flat capillary

Zharkikh N. I., Dukhin S. S.

A function of the relationship between a wall charge with its potential ψs and the potential at the slit centre are the main characteristics of the structure of a double electric layer in a flat slit. For the simplest model (e. g. 1—1-valence elecrolyte, and equal charges on walls) the possibilities for obtaining analytic expressions for the aforesaid dependences have been analyzed on the basis of the following suppositions: κh >> 1; κh << 1; |Fψs/RT| << 1 (where κ is the inverse Debye radius; р is the slit half-width). These inequalities yield the first and second approximations and formulas holding with the simultaneous fulfilling of two inequalities (for instance, κh << 1 and |Fψs/RT| << 1). In total, there are derived 14 explicite formulas. Presented is a diagram showing the arrangement of the fields of their applicability on a ψs — κh plane.


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Colloid and water chemistry institite, Academy of sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

Received 10 Dec 1985

Published : Colloid Journal (Moscow), 1986, vol. 48, № 5, p. 891 – 900.

Full text in russian language.

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