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Electrophoresis and electrical conductivity of suspensions under the conditions of quasi-equilibrium polarization of the double layer as a whole

Zharkikh N. I., Lyklema J., Dukhin S. S.

The double layer as a whole includes a diffuse part and other structural parts such as, for example, the Stern layer (a porous adsorption layer). Phenomenologically, polarization and, consequently, the electrokinetic behavior of a particle are described by a set of parameters (phenomenological invariants); the moments of double layer and partial surface conductivities for each type of ion should be used as such parameters. On a molecular level, the task is to express these phenomenological invariants in terms of parameters characteristic of individual parts of the double layer. Calculations were performed for a model of a thin adsorption layer, for which the Henry-Stern isotherm is valid. The conductivity increment for such a system was shown to be very sensitive to the mobility of adsorbed potential-determining ions. The magnitude of this mobility may be evaluated by measuring adsorption and conductivity in a wide concentration range.


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Biocolloid chemistry institite, Academy of sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

Received 14 Mar 1994

Published : Colloid Journal (Moscow), 1994, vol. 56, № 6, p. 761 – 766.

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