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For editors

Export nodes

To export nodes one should register in Smereka as an editor. Switch to edit mode and choose the node for export, then click the "Export" button on the toolbar to the left of the inspector.

Export settings dialog lets you specify the following parameters: domain, maintaining the absolute / relative ids, file compression.

Domain of export indicates a set of nodes that will be exported: the current node, crown (current node + all it child nodes), child nodes (child nodes only without current), sibling nodes and sibling nodes with crowns.

Type of ids. Node id is an positive integer number. If absolute ids chosen, all data that have the character of the ids (that is actually the node keys and attributes with "link to the node" data type) will be recorded as a number, e.g. 1055. If relative ids chosen, all such data will be stored with the prefix Ref, e.g., Ref1055.

The use of a these types of ids depends on the intentions with which the exported data. When one do back import exported XML file with absolute ids, Smereka will create new nodes with the these ids (existing nodes will be overwritten with new data). This combination of export with import a good way to transfer a whole site or its section to a new database or data backup.

When one do back import exported XML file with with relative ids, Smereka create new nodes with regular free ids (ie, current nodes will not be overwritten by import). The relative hierarchical position of all exported nodes will be restored. This combination of export and import would be required for the mass cloning of entire sections of the site. Export regime with the relative ids may be useful for exchange with other programs.

Switch GZip file allow compressing of the file with GZip archiver during export.

Please be aware that during export Smereka creates a file with name, derived from the id of current node. This file placed in logs subdirectory of Smereka software directory. It remains there after export; from there one can download it by ftp or by link to download the file that appears after successful exports.

Sample file exports (relative to the ID-s):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1251" ?>
<NodeSet xmlns="https://www.m-zharkikh.name/xml/Smereka/Import.xsd">
<!-- Smereka node exchange file -->
<Node id="Ref1104">
 <class Target="Ref52" />
 <lastupdate>2010-03-16 16:05:21</lastupdate>
 <Description lang="en"><![CDATA[Articles of N.I.Zharkikh
on application of informational technologies
in humanities.]]></Description>
 <Description lang="ru"><![CDATA[ .. 
 <Description lang="uk"><![CDATA[ .. 
 <DocTitle lang="en"><![CDATA[ITechnologies]]></DocTitle>
 <DocTitle lang="ru"><![CDATA[]]></DocTitle>
 <DocTitle lang="uk"><![CDATA[㳿]]></DocTitle>
 <HTMLCode lang="uk"><![CDATA[<p class="BT">
<p class="InternalHeader2">
<ol class="BTNoIndent">
<Smereka1 Module="agregator.php" Func="SmerAgregator" HideMode="1">
 <Smereka Module="agregators/navigators.php" Func="NavigatorItem" />
 <Template Target="Ref1068" />
 <Title lang="en"><![CDATA[Info technologies 
articles of N.I.Zharkikh]]></Title>
 <Title lang="ru"><![CDATA[  
 <Title lang="uk"><![CDATA[ 㳿 

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