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Smereka / What's new in Version 2.6


What's new in Version 2.6

Version 2.6

Put into operation November 20, 2012

Improvements to the editor

Improved verification of URLs, which are added by users for protection against false values. (12 Oct 2012)

In the "Paste node" dialogue added numerical keyboard shortcuts, accelerating the operation (simply press 1 instead of clicks "as first node" and then "OK"). (24 Oct 2012)

Improvements to the user

Keyboard shortcut Alt + F put focus to the search box on the site (like Wikipedia) (19 Nov 2012)

Technical improvements

Database tables converted into InnoDB format (15 Sep 2012)

More economically programmed table "smerecashlnk" updating in procedure Page::Add2Smerecach: Now not all rows are deleted, but only unnecessary, and added only not present. Operation of smerecash update protected with transaction (19 Sep 2012)

All database updates are protected by transactions (01 Oct 2012)

The direct smerecash update removed from the node update operations instead when updating node only marked as such, for which smerecash should be updated, and smerecash updating postponed to issue explicit command or logout of the editor to Smereka. (03 Oct 2012)

Smerecash updating optimized by using temporary tables in memory. (05 Oct 2012)

Optimized (reduced almost double) the number of database queries when generating pages for reading. (07 Oct 2012)

Optimized number of database queries during loading node in the editor and saving the node. (09 Oct 2012)

The site control panel optimized, most commands converted to AJAX. (10 Oct 2012)

Radically redesigned data buffering system. Now Smereka can store the data not only in the session, but also in memory (using APC) (22 Oct 2012)

Some operations of the database updating moved to the final procedure (shutdown), including updating of smerecash, counters, internal market. (01 Nov 2012)

Internal links control panel optimized commands converted to AJAX. (11 Oct 2012)

Fixed bugs

Fixed bug in the TrackBar function, through which nodes not available for current user includes in the breadcrumbs navigator. (11 Oct 2012)

Fixed bug in the function AbsPath, through which improperly determined the path to the directory "files" (25 Oct 2012)

Fixed bug in the function PageNavigator, through which "+10" button sometimes promoted not fot 10 pages forward, but another number. (29 Oct 2012)

Fixed bug in the function ErrorDescription, through which in an error log was recorded error when anonymous user accessing to a secure page (in fact it is not an error) (30 Oct 2012)

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