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Cloning nodes

To copy the current node one should click the "Copy" button on the toolbar to the left of the inspector. Then "Paste" button activated.

Now one can browse the nodes tree to the insertion point and click the "Paste" button. In the dialog one have choose the copy mode and paste position.

Method of copying presented the following capabilities: "Clone", "Paste as collector", "Paste as link".

When cloning a new node obtains all the attributes of the source node and "forgets" about its origin.

When one insert the collector a new node creates with the same class as the source node; its link attribute points to the source node, and collector acquires any own attributes. Node established in this way represents the source node like a mirror in the new position. Of course, after insertion some attributes of the collector can be modified, and they replace the attributes inherited from the source.

When one insert a transition, a new node of the Link class creates, which points to the source node. When page based on this node is compiled, actually an internal redirect to the source node occurs. Own attributes of the transition node is not used, and replacing of source node attributes is not occur.

Paste position provides an options to insert a new node "As the first node", "Before the current", "After the current", "As the last node", "As a child node".

Please be aware that hierarchical node cloning (i.e. cloning the source node and all their child nodes) in this version is not supported by Smereka. Copy operation creates only one new node.