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Annual report 2022

Statistical data in the report presented on the basis of web server and CMS Smereka statistics. Usage of Google analytics data noted separately.

Site volume

Nodes 2977
Attributes 29634
Data size 42.78 Mb
Files 858
Files size 243.07 Mb
Digital sheets 1229.39

[The number of digital sheets] = [number of nodes] / 1000 + [number of attributes] / 10000 + [Total volume of all attributes in bytes] / 40000 + [Total volume of files in MB] / 2.5


Dynamics of attendance by years

Dynamics of attendance site…

Dynamics of attendance in the 2022 year

Dynamics of attendance of site…

There are total 585 604 visitors during year

The most successful month of the 2022 year – July

Dynamics of attendance of site…

Distribution of visitors by countries


According to Google analytics

Most requested documents

Chronological index 20813
Biography 18031
Alphabet index 16319
Colloid science 15383
Smereka 11824
History 10191
ITechnologies 9323
Language versions 8469
Gallery 8143
Paul of Aleppo 6995

Number of downlads – for all time of site work