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Colloid science / Ionophoresis / Ionophoresis of colloids

Ionophoresis of colloids

Shilov V. N., Zharkikh N. I., Borkovskaya Yu. B.

The method of thermodynamics of nonequilibrium processes was applied to derive expressions for the ionophoretic mobilities; the influence of polarization of the double electric layer on the ionophoresis rate was qualitatively analyzed. It has been indicated that the ionophoresis under the effect of coions (coionophoresis), in distinction from the electrophoresis and diffusiophoresis, is not complicated by the polarization of the double electric layer, and in systems having a thin double layer the coionophoresis rate does not depend on the geometry of the system. Examination of the coionophoresis enables one to obtain the quantitive information of the ζ-potential. Discussed are the possibilities of the experimental investigation of this new electrokinetic phenomenon, its possible role in the motion of particles close to the surface of ion-exchange membranes or electrodes.


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Colloid and water chemistry institite, Academy of sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

Received 19 Jan 1984

Published : Colloid Journal (Moscow), 1985, v. 47, 4, p. 757 764.

Full text in russian language.

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