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Colloid science / Low-frequency dispersion / Variation of the characteristic frequency of dielectric

Variation of the characteristic frequency of dielectric dispersion under the effect of adsorption oscillations of ions

Zharkikh N. I., Razilov I. A.

When counterions of several types are present in dispersion medium, the process of the concentration polarization of the double layer is accompanied by significant adsorption oscillations. These oscillations affect both the value of low-frequency limit of the suspension permittivity and the critical frequency of dispersion, which may either increase or decrease. Based on numerical calculations, the domains of parameters, where one or another behavior of critical frequency may occur, are determined; surprisingly close interrelation between the variation of low-frequency limit and the critical frequency is revealed and analyzed; preliminary conclusions about the most probable pattern of the effect of adsorption oscillations on the experimentally measured critical frequency are drawn.


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Biocolloid chemistry institite, National Academy of sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

Received 23 Nov 1995

Published : Colloid Journal (Moscow), 1996, vol. 58, 4, p. 466 471.

Full text in russian and english languages.

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