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Colloid science / Disperse systems geterogeneity / Electroosmosis over a mosaically charged plane

Electroosmosis over a mosaically charged plane

Zharkikh N. I.

A flat solid/liquid interface whose potential or surface charge density is inconstant is called a tesselated charged surface. In the case such as this, electroosmosis is described by the Smoluchowski equation which contains the mean ζ-potential. In the general case this potential is equal to the plane-averaged electric double layer moment. The relation between the ζ-potential and the statistical properties of the surface charge has been examined for several particular cases. The thickness of the mosaic interfacial layer (the layer beyond which the flow is potential) has been proved to be equal to the characteristic size of the mosaic section if this section is greater than the Debye radius. On the strength of this fact, all the results of the investigation can be used to describe the electrophoresis of tesselated charged particles of an arbitrary shape if the radius of curvature of their surface is greater than the thickness of the mosaic interfacial layer.


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Colloid and water chemistry institite, Academy of sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

Received 16 Aug 1988

Published : Colloid Journal (Moscow), 1990, vol. 52, 3, p. 457 464.

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