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What's new in Version 2.6

What's new in version 1.10

Version 1.10

Put into operation June 10, 2010

New features

Forum smeretag

One can add this smeretag to any page and it turns into a root forum page where users can add their messages and respond to others. As in all Smereka, forum is hierarchical each entry in the forum itself creates a forum, with its own messages and replies.

New keyboards shortcuts

Ctrl + Up / Down active both in view and in edit mode. They load the previous / next page in the document tree (even if the tree itself does not appear, and when a tree is shown, but current page is not represented in it).

Alt+1 (Editor) switches between edit mode and view mode (on exit from edit mode changes automatically saved).

Alt+8, 9, 0 (Editor) switches to Ukrainian, Russian, English languages (the current version is saved automatically).

News improvements

A separate template for news item.

The automatic publication of news is now extended: the description of destination page is appended to item. Often this is what we need for a detailed description of news.

The opportunity to obtain news in text format.

The opportunity to deliver newsletter via email in text format.

The ability to order / cancel delivery of news on the e-mail address.

Other improvements

Refined search form.

In edit mode pops over a node id display as hint (when mouse move over the tree).

Improving of the smerecash:

1. static compression canceled;

2. dynamic compression made as a separate function;

3. configuration variables $ BlockSmerecashe, $ CurrBlockSmerecashe, $ GzipSmerecashe excluded.

Improved generation of error messages pages.

Register user behavior in a log.

Bugs fixed

Fixed a tree bug if the node have HideChildren attribute and was the last in a tree, its child nodes appear anyway.

Fixed bug when adding metaobject it appears wrong (buffering error).

Fixed bug when editing the node, which has a link, inherited attributes are no longer displayed in the editor.

Fixed bug when exporting metaobjects with to relative ids, wrong object class setted.

Fixed bug when using the command "Promote node" it could disappear from the editor scope.

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