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Let us consider Smereka deployment procedure by the example of the deployment from scratch. In the case of deployment for sites have already working some steps may be omitted.

1. Register domain name (for example,

2. Choose hosting with mod_rewrite, PHP 5, MySQL.

3. Make sure that magic quotes in PHP were disabled:

magic_quotes_gpc = Off if you have a personal file php.ini;

php_flag magic_quotes_gpc Off or

php_value magic_quotes_gpc Off – in the file .htaccess

Disabling is absolutely necessary for the correct working of Smereka.

4. Create MySQL database and appropriate user.

5. Perform database load (file start.sql.

6. Edit a file customsettings.php, filling an array $DBSettings with database connection parameters.

7. Copy to the server installation directories Root and smereka.

A typical directory structure looks like this:









… Other directories as needed




… Other Smereka directories

Smereka software directory should be placed outside the site root directory to avoid reading through the WWW. You can also put it in the directory at directory level of files and prohibit the direct reading of the files with .htaccess (but this method is not recommended).

If site configuring requires http-access to other directories, except files, than one should modify addresses rewrite rules to protect these directories from being overwritten. But the names of these directories do not have to coincide with the two-letter names of Smereka languages.

8. Now one can test the installation. Start the web browser and type, where ZZZ is placeholder for a certain number, given in the installation.

If all implemented correctly, the user registration page should appear. One must enter a user name and password (the specific meaning given in the installation). After successful registration, we find ourselves in the Smereka administrator personal office.

Now the deployment of Smereka can be considered successfully completed. The next step is to add a new site.