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Colloid science / Membrane processes / Dynamic membrane formation in the process of gelation

Dynamic membrane formation
in the process of gelation

Zharkikh N.I., Dukhin S.S.

The overall objective of the theoretical study of sediment formation of colloidal particles on any filter (membrane, granular media, a collector with a regular structure) is extremely important for a number of branches of colloid chemistry and technology: filtration of suspensions, ultrafiltration, formation and the flow of compressible sediments on the filter surface, filter regeneration, finally, the formation of dynamic membranes for reverse osmosis. The accumulated experience in this field of experimental and theoretical studies show that in this problem plays the role of a very large number of physical and chemical factors, depending on the relations between the system behavior can be qualitatively different. Formulation of the problem. Phase transition of the sol-gel. The formation of periodic colloidal structures from a stream.


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Colloid and water chemistry institite, Academy of sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

Received 11 Sep 1985.

Published : Water chemistry and technology (Kyiv), 1987, vol. 9, є 1, pp. 16 Ц 19.

Full text in russian language.

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