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Moscow – a relatively young city, the first written mention of it dates from the year 1147 and the oldest preserved monuments of architecture derived from the late 14 century.

Being a huge state capital, Moscow concentrated enormous economic, technical and creative potential for centuries, that has been realized in many beautiful buildings and architectural ensembles. So anyone interested in architecture, have to see sights in Moscow, because there are many such things can not be seen anywhere else.

A view of Moscow Kremlin from Moscow River, May 7, 1979. Our journey we begin of course with the Kremlin…
St.Basil's Cathedral on Red Square in Moscow. View from the west. Photo July 16, 1986. next cross the Red square, see St.Basil cathedral and go to Zaryaddya…
Church of the Ascension in Kolomenskoye (Moscow). View from the east. Photo July 16, 1986. then visit Kolomenskoye village – suburban residence of moskow tsars, now architectural estate…
General view of the Andronicus monastery (Moscow) from the west. Photo February 7, 1977. visit Andronicus monastery, were famous icon painter Andrei Rublev was work…
General view of Novodevichy monastery (Moscow) from the northwest. Photo September 6, 1976. view famous Novodevichy monastery with in famous cemetary…
Old cathedral of Donskoy monastery (Moscow). View from the northwest. Photo November 25, 1980. visit Donskoy monastery…
St.Trifon Church in Naprudnoe (Moscow). View from the southwest. Photo of May 6, 1979. and a set of other monuments of 16 – 20 cent., and finish our trip on the Red square again.

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