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History / Inside the historical atlas of Ukraine

Inside the historical atlas of Ukraine

Nikolai Zharkikh

The review considered the publication:

Istorichny Atlas of Ukraine: naydavnshe mynule. Rus' (Kyivska derzhava. Galytsko-Volynska derzhava) / project manager Yuri Loza. K.: Mapa, 2010 p. 300 p. (Historical atlas of the ukraine. The earliest time. Rus)

We consider the following issues: the concept and structure of the atlas; the news of unknown; some shortcomings; poetry of borders; the political development of Russia; Volyn (Galician) Power; language issues; genealogical questions; issues of culture; the Mongols and the Golden Horde; who is to blame and what to do.

Atlas brings a certain result by mapping the study of ancient (until the late 14th century) history of Ukraine. Its shortcomings reflect the general state of knowledge of these phases of history.

November 22 December 7, 2011. Kiev

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