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History / False Kyiv relics of "St. Barbara" / The relics of St. Barbara in Kyiv

False Kyiv relics of "St. Barbara"

The relics of St. Barbara in Kyiv

Nicholas Zharkikh

So, at the end of the 16th century whole body of "st. Barbara" suddenly come to the surface in Kyiv, at St. Michael's Cathedral.

To find out when and how it happened, does not need skills of Sherlock Holmes enough to have common sense and compare following evidence of sources.

Silence of sources 15 16 cent.

Lawrence Muller (1581)

Erich Lassota (1594)

Silence of sources from early 17 cent.

Guillaume de Beauplan (1640 's)

Basil Buturlin (1654)

Paul of Aleppo (1656)

Commercialization of relics

Theodosius Sofonovych (1670)

Lawrence Krschonovych (1691)

Dmitri Tuptalo (1695)

Hand of st. Barbara (1695)

Joasaph Krokovsky (1716) and later sources

Now summarize our observations on the development of views on Kyiv relics. These views passed several stages: local girl Barbara princess st. Barbara of Heliopol. Since last look arised under domination of atheism and rationalism, it was necessary to give a rational explanation for the appearance of these relics in Kyiv. This legend has passed through three stages:

in 1655 the relics were transferred in 988 at marriage of prince Volodymyr and princess Anne;

in 1669 the relics were transferred in 1108 to prince Svjatopolk;

in 1695 the relics were transferred in 1108 by Byzantine princess Barbara, daughter of Emperor Alexius Comnenus, who married Prince Svjatopolk.

All these mutually exclusive legends meet state of 17-century historical knowledge and does not contain even one bit of real historical data. They should be treated as product of pure imagination of Kyiv writers.

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