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History / False Kyiv relics of "St. Barbara" / Byzantine princess Barbara

False Kyiv relics of "St. Barbara"

Byzantine princess Barbara

Nicholas Zharkikh

Mythical "Byzantine princess Barbara" that never really existed and emerged only in the late 17th century on the paper of inept dreamer Dmitri Tuptalo, oddly enough became an independent plot in Kyiv history.

Expression of modern historians

Story of times and years

Anna Comnenus

Zwiefalten chronicle

Brief conclusions of the analysis are:

time, when would act mythical "princess Barbara", well lit as in Byzantine and in Russian sources, who unanimously silent about her existence;

any other sources that would have been competent in this case, does not exist;

"princess Barbara" long to be passed to the museum of historical falsifications.

After all, if at all embark shore of historical sources and surrender to the will of the waves of fantasy, transfer of st. Barbara relics from Constantinople to Kyiv by mythical princess Barbara in the early 12th century could not occur. As we saw above, the relics of a hundred years earlier were transported from Constantinople to Venice and Constantinople at that time remained only the head, but not the whole body. That's how dangerous to lie, relying solely on one's own falsity and without suspecting the existence of historical sources that disclose this lie

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