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Earnings in the Internet / Worldwide links exchangers

Worldwide links exchangers

Consider now after Russian some global link exchangers. All estimates are based my personal impressions and are subjective.

Pros Cons
Accepted pages at any nesting level Do not accept Ukrainian sites (more precisely, the sites from zones .*.ua, but technical support reply that does not accept due to Ukrainian language)
Code installation very similar to the SAPE You cannot specify the language of a particular page, it is assigned to a site as whole, and then by the moderator, not by the webmaster
Possibility of withdrawal of funds via WebMoney A small number of advertisizers

This exchanger is a subsidiary of the famous Russian exchanger SAPE, designed to work on the world market. So its pros borrowed from SAPE and cons – even its own.

The first and largest of its negative – is its novelty. It is little known in the SEO market and when I in November 2012 created a pilot project for the purchase links, it was given number about 1300. According to the small number of advertising projects request flow and webmaster's revenue should be small too.

There are very few sites for placement of links – some 15,000 (it is against 600,0000 for SAPE). Rules for sites admissibility on the exchanger are simple, but they are not enforced by the moderators (if the severity of Russian laws softened by their optionality, the softness of these rules deteriorates by their failure).

Interface of advertisizer does not allow search page regardless of language – one must select either "English only" or "only one from the list of languages". This, of course, also complicates the search appropriate sites.

Finally, the exchanger's commission is 50% of the reference price, as is customary in most global exchangers. Recall that the Russian exchangers pay webmasters up to 80 % of the ad price.

Conclusion: it is necessary to observe the growth of the exchange, which has the same owners believe beta-version. Perhaps it may be useful.

Pros Cons
Do not see any No universal PHP code – only for certain specific engines
There is no possibility of mass adding pages
The price of an ad establishes by exchanger itself, not by the webmaster

This exchanger is significantly different according to the principles of its operation from all of the previously reviewed, so I should consider some details.

The first feature – each page is added individually. Filling out describing form – it's pretty much work, but absolutely necessary when working on this exchanger.The page title, its description, and keywords all are of great importance.

The second feature – a complicated code setup. If your CMS is not in the list, you have to almost one possibility – manual installation of ads.

But even if you use a popular CMS (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress…) – do not hurry to rejoice, because you will find a third feature. For each page added to the system a unique key is assigned, that you (the webmaster) have to store somewhere in your database within all other attributes of the page. Ads identified not by page URL (as in most markets examined), but with this key. Positive – the site is fully protected bfrom venal links detectors, and negative – the need to manually add the key to each page that you add to the exchanger.

Next feature is exchanger's advertisizer tool. It is very weak compared with other exchanges and allow "just select the page". Advertisizer must enter a keyword and select the pages that contain them (remember the input keywords when adding pages!). Only then he can narrow search by additional filters.

The page title and description, and many different info displayed in advertisizer's panel, but not the address. So title and description are very important.

So, if the theme of your page is the "Electron- nuclear double resonance", the probability of selling links from it is minimal because of the low prevalence of key words – and this is regardless of its quality (eg, high Page Rank).

Cashouts possible for checks or credit cards. Exchanger commission – 50% of the ad price.

In addition to simple text ad exchanger offers also other forms of advertising, which I don't investigate.

Conclusion: in my opinion, great work on adding pages will never repaid by revenue from this market. Exceptions can only be lofty (high PR) pages specifically optimized for popular trading requests, such as «buy mobile phone».

Prices for ads establishes by exchanger. Price is determined by the Page Rank of the page. Prices are quite low compared to other exchangers. Webmaster's cashouts of this exchanger is possible only through PayPal – payment system that does not work in Ukraine. So I don't investigate futher details.

Accepted any site, including Page Rank 0 – if only the pages were indexed in Google. Prices establishes webmaster himself. Exchanger commission – 50% of the ad price. Webmaster's cashouts of this exchanger is possible only through PayPal – payment system that does not work in Ukraine. So I don't investigate futher details.

Marketplace offers many different forms of ads. During registration requires confirmation by phone. I did not like it.

Potentially this exchange interesting and offers many ad formats.

The value of the page for exchanger is not determined by its Page Rank, but by own metric – LinkRank. The idea of this approach, as explained by the developers, is to optimize for the entire Internet, not only for Google. Motivation is poorly understood for me: Google takes 83% of all search queries in the world WWW. This truth probably remained unknown for exchanger's creators.

Besides it isdoubtful for me that one and the same exchanger, same advertising platforms can be equally effective as for Google, as well for, say, a Chinese search engine Bajdu.

But when registering it requires so much personal data, that registration form for the post of president seems you simple and easy. I did not like it, therefore, I have no more information about it.

Exchanger commission – 20% of the ad price. Marketplace works with WebMoney. And it's all good. But latest news was in February 2010 (ie there were no news more than 2.5 years), and statistics show that the exchange has also 1000 sites for advertisements. The patient is more dead than alive…

Cashouts – through Paypal and checks. Last news were published in April 2009 (ie there were no news was not more than 3.5 years). Besides this exchange requires that the webmaster's site does not published outside ads, ie don't collaborated with other exchanges. In my opinion, this exchange can be ignored.

Two exchanges – and – acting analogues to Russian exchanger . They offer earnings by placing the "eternal" links on blogs or by publishing paid articles. That is, they are not the classic text ad exchangers, and I have not studied them more.

4 Dec 2012

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