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Earnings in the Internet / Exchangers comparison

Exchangers comparison

So, with what exchangers webmaster should work to earn something?

To answer let us compare now (December 2012) exchangers, discussed in the previous two reviews.

Popularity comparison

To bring some income, the exchanger must be very popular, offering many websites for advertisements and therefore attract a large number of optimizers.

As popularity measure I select Alexa rank. A number of sites and pages (next table) also serve as important indicators. Immediately say that any exchanger does not show the number of optimizers that work with it. While determining the popularity of exchanger SEO activity rates is very important it is not enough to put advertising space for sale, it is necessary that someone bought them.

Exchanger Alexa rank Sites / Pages
SAPE 475 620 thousand / 474 million
SetLinks 5,412 109 thousand / 20 million
Serpzilla 180,430 (15 k) /?
TextLinkAds 5,574 ? /?
BackLinks 8,212 ? /?
textlinkbrokers 22,514 (20 th / 120 th)
linkadage 34,584 (40 thousand /?)
selinks 124,600 931/ 42 thousand
linkworth 9,468 ? /?
livecustomer 608,405 ? /?
presellpageman 1,473,844 ? /?
blogsvertise 8,345
sponsoredreviews 2,935

Comparison of the exchangers popularity

Numbers in brackets this is my estimation based on the maximum numbers of sites / pages. Sign ? lack of data.

Since any exchanger does not publish its financial performance, we have to ground our analysis on site traffic. Diagram showing the distribution of ads market between players. It was built very simple: the market quota taken as the inverse Alexa rank (1 / [Alexa rank]). All these "quotrs" summarized and normalized to 100%.

Market quotes of links exchangers

Market quotes of links exchangers

From the chart we see that SAPE is in a dominant position and other exchangers put together is perhaps a third of it. Similar is the situation with the number of sites and pages that are offered if the number of sites SAPE is about 77%, then the number of pages 95% of all that are on the market.

Price comparison

Compare now ads prices on various exchangers. The following table summarizes prices for optimizers (the price at which one can buy advertising space). Prices displayed in U.S. dollars for 1 month ads placement on the root page site.

The table shows thresholds prices (smallest..largest); in parentheses presents the geometric mean value prices. In a large scale of extreme values the geometric mean is a better predictor as average.

Exchanger PR 0 PR 1 PR 2 PR 3 PR 4 PR 5 PR 6
SAPE 0.3.. 05 (0.39) 1.. 18 (4.24) 2.5.. 25 (7.90) 5.. 20 (10) 7.. 30 (14.50) 7.. 40 (16.73) 10.. 110 (33.16)
SetLinks 0.01.. 40 (0.63) 0.03.. 20 (0.77) 0.1.. 120 (3.46) 0.12.. 120 (3.79) 0.16.. 420 (8.20) 0.3.. 180 (7.35) 0.5.. 107 (7.31)
Serpzilla 1.. 3 (1.7) 1.30.. 5.2 (2.6) 1.30.. 6.5 (2.9) 2.60.. 16 (6.45) 3.25.. 44 (12) 12.. 130 (39.50) 117 (117)
TextLinkAds 8.. 25 (14) 8.. 36 (17) 7.. 220 (39) 8.. 225 (42) 20.. 200 (63) 30.. 240 (85) 150.. 600 (300)
BackLinks X 0.50 1 2 3 4.50 12.50

Prices for ads based on Page Rank
(X exchanger does not accept the following pages)

Analysis of the table shows that PR is not the most important indicator. Especially here stands russian exchanger SetLinks, focused, perhaps, solely on the Russian segment of the Internet. Pages with the highest PR on it systematically cheaper and unusually large scale of prices for pages with the same PR shows that PR does not have a significant factor in pricing in this market.

Other exchanges show more respect for PR, but one can buy ads with PR 6 cheaper than with PR 2.

As the ratio of prices on world and Russian markets, then BackLinks have prices significantly lower than SAPE, and for TextLinkAds substantially higher. Serpzilla prices approximate SAPE prices for pages with high PR and high for pages with low PR (<= 2).

But after this comparison webmaster should consider two factors:

1, exchanger commission 50% of the world against 20 % on Russian exchangers;

2, is not enough to put a high price for ad space it is need someone to buy it. It is doubtful for me, is there a real bargain with the highest prices presented in the table.

An important factor in choosing exchanger is its attitude to pages with PR 0. My personal experience is that these pages bring 50 to 90 % of gross income from the site. Therefore, the exchangers that watching the "quality" of their inventory and reject pages with PR 0 (BackLinks, TextLinkAds), thereby rejecting up to 90 % of webmaster revenue.

Advertisizers, as we see, have different views on the value of pages. If the page with PR 0 will be not useful to them, they would not have sold out.

In general, there is no evidence to suggest that prices on world markets are higher than in Russia. Therefore it is difficult to believe that a webmaster can drastically increase his income by displaying his sites on world markets.

December 6, 2012.

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