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Earnings in the Internet / Links exchangers

Links exchangers

Consider some of the links exchangers, namely those for which I have personal experience. All estimates are based on this experience and are subjective.

Pros Cons
The biggest and the best exchanger in RuNet. It will be for us like pattern. Takes only pages to the 3rd level of nesting, no more
Code installation for all possible cases You cannot add pages by own choose
Fast, courteous and quality technical support Quite often "fall" (504th error) when accessing the web interface
The high stream of requests
High prices for advertising space
Withdrawal of funds within 1 day

The most active and successful exchanger in RuNet. Other exchangers often copy from it (with varying degrees of success).

Conclusion: if you do not know where to start start with SAPE. It is true path!

Pros Cons
Special differences of SAPE I don't noticed, that all is well Application for withdrawal of funds can be processed up to 7 days
Takes page at any level of nesting Do not take more than 1200 pages from one site
Sometimes incorrectly determines the level of nesting (sets greater than it actually is)

Feature of this exchanger is in the process of indexing. For a small site robot indexer adds all the pages it finds. For a large site it selects approximately 1200 pages. With assurances of developers, it chooses the most promising pages (probably prefers pages with higher PR but I have not had a chance to check this).

When reindexing robot can add more pages over this level, if on existing pages bought up a large share of places. How much it is "large" is not disclosed, but I have never managed to add something more than the original 1200 pages.

The stream of requests compared with SAPE lower, but my experience is that some sites are exposed on both exchanges, at SetLinks bring more revenue than at SAPE.

Conclusion: a successful and high-quality exchanger. I recommend to use.

Pros Cons
Have the income calculator. Enter the address of your site and assess how it can bring a month Exchange does not accept sites in Ukrainian. Period.

The calculator shows slightly inflated revenues according to my observations, from 2 to 20 times. But even better to have such an assessment than not have any.

Pros Cons
Clone of the SAPE; even suggested installation commnon for two exchangers code No requests
Ability to search requests by Webmaster Found in this way requests has never sold

The flow of requests zero, and such as income from exchanger.

An interesting feature that is not on other exchanges, is a webmaster tool "Search for requests". As far as I understood, it filters saved by optimizers selection criteria slots, and found matches are displayed. In selecting the webmaster can set a discount to its place against the regular price (ie without reducing the constant prices).

Number of selected requests in this way I was not impressed (from 10 to 20). But neither of them could not buy, that the benefits of this tool zero.

Conclusion: Exchanger is very similar to the real, with only peculiarity not working. Do not recommend to use.

Pros Cons
Many options for code installation No requests
Ability to add new pages in the manual mode, without the full site reindexing The client code is very buggy, so your site can stop to respond

There are no requests no sales no income.

Conclusion: Another working model of locomotive in the natural size. Do not recommend to use.

Pros Cons
No, just like in all It is very capricious in setting code
Slow site moderation when adding

Although the installation code for UniPlace formally not different from other exchangers, it contains many unobvious settings and very few opportunities to manage.

At this writing I'm waiting for moderation site has added a week. A forum users complain that they are 2 months and not moderated yet.

Simple terms: site not moderated not income.

Conclusion: you can not take this exchanger into account.

Pros Cons
Ukrainian links exchanger Strange domain name
Lack of earnings for webmaster

This is the first Ukrainian links exchanger. That it by itself calls links exchanger, but it is not in fact: optimizers can spend their money, but the webmasters cannot add their sites.

Exchanger uses the UCoz subdomain, ie its owners do not have $10 to register own domain name. The site contains standard UCoz advertising that they did not have $ 2 to turn it off.

Should Optimizer invest in such a reputable company let them decide themselves. For webmasters it not interesting.

onclusion: you can disregard it.

Pros Cons
I do not seen Code downloading does not work
Technical support does not meet

Exchange does not work. Incidentally, the latest news in her film from 22 Nov 2008.

Conclusion: You can not take this exchange into account.

Pros Cons
Not seen Client code with numerous errors
No automatic adding pages
No requests

Some very funny exchanger, not a clone, a parody of the real exchanger. Exchanger client code had to rewrite (which I try not to do) but in appears impossible to run it in another way.

Each page must be added manually, automatic indexing of site does not exist. Manual addition not an easy job, because the interface of exchanger is extremely complicated.

By adding three pages, I saw that their PR is defined incorrectly. Of course, handmade by the addition of several hundred pages, in any case can not pay off.

No requests for references, of course, no. But for the withdrawal of earned funds exchanger wants to commission of 5%.

Conclusion: You can not take this exchange into account.

Added sites are not moderated. Technical support is not responding. Forum does not work.

Code of exchanger is no working. With any of the tested exchanges I had no so much trouble as this. It does not show test link and period.

Having experienced three broken exchangers, I was glad that this exchanger somehow works. The only drawback no requests.

Compare of prices

Exchanger SAPE SetLinks TrustLinks LinkFeed MainLink UniPlace
The relative price 1 0.45 ? 0.35 0.76 ?

The table shows that the price of advertising space on SAPE is the highest among all exchanges. If optimizers consider it appropriate to pay more perhaps the exchange is worth it.

Pros Cons
Fully automated placement of links You can withdraw your costs
Thorough manual moderation by exchanger's board staff Very low prices for pages with PR = 0

At first it was just a wholesale links exchanger, but while I was going to do it, it changed the profile. Now it is market for link exchange or by, not for sell; it is easy to put money into system and no ways to withdraw them.

Selling links is in fully automatic mode, the webmaster does not interfere in it. Full responsible for moderation of links takes the same exchanger. For sold links webmaster credited in "xaps" an internal system pseudo-currency.

These "xaps" can be spent for the purchase links on the same exchanger or to try to negotiate the sale of your "xaps" to optimizer who need them. Exchanger itself does not purchase its own currency and offers no tools for this.

That is, formally, it would not be forced to stand in this review because it does not provide earnings for webmaster. But if you spend a significant portion of money earned on the sale of links, in order to buy other links (such cases are not rare) then perhaps this exchange is just right for you.

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