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Earnings in the Internet / Withdrawal of funds

Withdrawal of funds

But what about the money earned on the Internet, get into my pocket? It depends on what method of payment offered by our business partners. The vast majority of them working with WebMoney e-money, so consider this in more detail.


Reliable and continuous connection to the Internet. Make sure you can connect to the Internet at any desired time for you and work there as much as you need (and not so much as held communication). The latter is still true for those who use analog dial-up modems and telephone lines.

Sign in WebMoney

If you are not registered in WebMoney system – it should be done. Without this, any earnings on the Internet does not happen. So:

1. Go to site and fill application form. Carefully fill all personal data. In no case do not give false data – if the system suspect your fraud, you will have problems with it until the end of the world.

2. Next you must choose the method to connect with service (keeper). If you plan to connect to the service only from your personal computer (typically) – choose WM Keeper Classic. Other options are designed for mobile life.

3. Install WM Keeper Classic to your computer. This will be prompted to save the certificate. Take the blank CD and record the certificate file on it (or flash drive that you will not carry and store all the time at home). In case you reinstall the operating system it will allow you to reconnect with the service.

4. After installing the keeper should be activated. Follow the instructions to activate.

5. Finally everything is done correctly and your keeper has successfully joined the WebMoney service (ie its status – online). Now create the needed wallets (in Webmoney they are referred to as purses). Typically you should create wallets for rubles (WMR), hryvnas (WMU) and dollars (WMZ).

6. To start, you provided an anonymous certificate. This is limiting your activities. Read the online service, what is a formal certificate, and do everything necessary to get it.

Withdraw rubles

1. We go to our favorite exchanger (or other service where you earn money) and looking where to enter the number of WMR-purse (typically – in the section "Personal data"). Please be aware that the Russian services keep your money in rubles, and offer output in rubles.

2. Learning the rules of service, namely the item "The minimum amount for withdrawal". Typically it is very small, say, 50 rubles. We, of course, earned much more than this threshold.

3. Applying for withdrawal of funds and wait until it is executed.

4. And here is your keeper reports that you sent the transfer from your partner. We remember that the WebMoney system commission is 0.8 %, that of the requested output to 1,000 rubles you get 992.

Convert to hryvnas

For residents of Ukraine is the actual conversion web rubles (WMR) to hryvnas (WMU). You can use the exchange service the WebMoney system or other exchange service.

My experience is that WebMoney exchange rate is not always optimal. So I visit the site and choose exchanger that offers the highest rate (of course, provided that it has enough hryvnas).

Exchange procedure is very simple and typically lasts a few seconds (occasionally – to 1 minute). Of course, a WebMoney system commission is paid.

Transfer of money to the bank

Now we need to have a card in any Ukrainian bank with web interface. If you are using the payment card (eg, salary) – ask your bank online, whether it has a web interface and if you can manage your card through this interface (to connect the card to the web interface).

If you do not have such a card – its time to start. For this we must make a difficult choice – choose a bank that offers a web interface and also has a fairly extensive network of ATMs (or at least one ATM at your location).

The set of these banks is very small and limited itself to one . Despite numerous complaints about its working (which the bank stoically ignored), it allows for a minimum of operations that we need.

With the card, do the following steps:

1. Starting keeper, select the WMU-purse and click "Transfer funds to the bank". When this is done the first time – we need to go through accession your credit card for this service.

2. Then simply specify the amount should be transferred to the bank, and sent to pay the expense. Of course, a WebMoney system commission is paid.

3. Then have to wait until the bank finds time and inspiration to process your order. Privat24 does this not hurry, and funds on the card appear on the 3rd or 4th day (formal rule – 3 banking days of the payment – not broken, but we are spoiled with WebMoney system, where everything is done in seconds…). Thus, this delay should be taken into account when something needs to be done urgently.

In addition to the described internal WebMoney service, which I use, there are many other services that offer WebMoney to Privat24 transfer. One of the lists of such services – . Commission there seems to be higher than in domestic service.

We go to the ATM

Now go to the ATM and get money. Depending on the type of bank card it may take fee.

Overall, counting all the commissions on described path makes that earned amount thinner by about 3%.

Google: features of national business

WebMoney is convenient, but not popular outside of RuNet. The worldwide web payment systems are not in a hurry to Ukraine. So the question for withdrawal of funds when working with global services has its own pecularities.

Google AdSense Advertising Network for Ukraine offers only one way – to send a bank check.

After receiving it, we must pass a check for collection (incasso)… Checks in Ukraine – such a rarity that not every bank employee knows what it is – this incasso. Now, fortunately, Privat24 knows it. So:

1. Sign a receipt.

2. Scan it from both sides in color.

3. Go to Privat24 site and choose the command "Google Checks». Specify scan files and send an application.

4. While your application travels through the Internet landscape, you go to the post office and send the original check in Dnepropetrovsk, in the main PrivatBank office.

5. When your application is processed, the corresponding amount will appear on your dollar bill. It takes 7 – 10 days. Remember that for the collection transaction bank charges you a commission.

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