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Earnings in the Internet / First steps

First steps

Consider the first steps in working with links exchangers.

1. Familiarization

Therefore, we chose links exchanger with which we will continue to work. Our next step introducing the new place of work.

1.1. Looking for page "Rules for webmasters" or general "Rules of the system". This is important information you should check that our website, we are going to add, meets the requirements of the system. Nowhere is like a free hosting sites, sites on subdomains or sites that are under construction. Also do not like sites where the user session ID is passed through the URL. Because you the webmaster, all those words you understand, is not it?

1.2. One should look to the forum they are on each exchanger. And the first topic of the forum this is important information for webmasters. See also the topic "Getting started with the system" or "FAQ". Note the date of the last post on the forum if the exchanger working, the forum will be replenished every day.

1.3. Sign in exchanger as web master. Most exchangers provide one account allows us to manage as webmaster, and as optimizer, but we are interested in the role of webmaster.

1.4. Login the site as the exchanger user.

2. Code installation

The greatest wisdom is that we should first install exchanger code on the site, and only then add a new site. Trying to add a site where the code is not set, probably will be automatically rejected.

Ways of code installation are quite numerous and depend on the technology of your site. The main options are:

- you happy owner of a site on the popular PHP engine (WordPress, Joomla, DLE). Most exchangers offer complete code for such cases, therefore, you should download it and follow the instructions.

- you happy owner of a site on an unknown for science PHP engine. Download universal PHP code and install according to instructions.

- you [un]happy owner of the site to static HTML file. Typically hosters provide an opportunity to use server side inclusions (SSI). Thus, study directive "include virtual" and run it using the code in Perl or PHP. Custom hosting does not provide SSI. In this hard case you can: change hosting or take this opportunity to work with exchanger via ftp (if exchanger provide this capability).

Consider installing of universal PHP code a little more.

By default it require adding three lines of code. In the first line, we connect the module PHP, obtained from the exchanger. The second line creates an instance of exchanger client class (code class contained in the newly connected module). In the third line, call the class method with the characteristic title Links or GetLinks, which returns a string of HTML code for link. And the following HTML code should be inserted to the page where necessary.

Wisdom is the transfer parameters to class constructor. Typically it requires no parameters and successfully defines automatically all needed for you. The parameters that can be transferred, typically include personal webmaster's code in exchanger, the site name and URL of the requested page.

By default, exchanger client is configured to output links on one site, so if you plan to use one copy of its code on several sites necessarily must pass to constructor some parameter, something like multi_siting = 1.

Validation of code looks pretty simple: you upload your pages and see their HTML code. In the place where you plan to output link must be a comment on some characteristic of the text, e.g. "checkcode". If it appears you can move on.

3. Adding a site

Again go to the exchanger and in webmaster's panel click the button "Add site". Fill all the required fields, paying particular attention to the field "Subject area". Sends data to the exchanger. Typically a new site immediately appears with the status "moderated" or "indexed". Today everything is done.

Typically the next day the index bot add to the site pages with a code, and moderator will review and approve your site. Its status in webmaster's panel changes to "working".

If moderator posted some comments they can be sent to your via e-mail or appear in the webmaster's panel in the section "History of correspondence" (or something similar). Look first of these sources of information.

If the platform is moderating a few days take an interest in technical support, what is the case.

4. Setting up site

Now we must make some configuration for site: set the number of links that exchanger can place on the same page, set prices for advertising space and activate the pages.

In some markets activation pages transaction combined with prices assignment, ie new pages automatically activated, if they are only assigned price. In other exchangers activation of pages is done separately from prices setting then this activation should be definitely do.

Activated pages are available for optimizers. So the next day you can expect to see the first requests for your site.

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