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Earnings in the Internet / Practical advices

Practical advices

Here are some practical tips for successful selling links through exchangers.

No (few) requests

Requests for advertising space, as well as money – always had. Every webmaster wants to make them larger.

If during the week you did not have any requests – perhaps exchanger simply does not work (no optimizers). Send to technical support questions like "what about RubyOnRails», and see when you get the answer (the content of response in this case does not matter). Normal technical support must respond within one working day. If you do not meet – in silence looking for another exchanger.

Note: technical support is not obliged to provide you with requests, so do not ask the question "Why I have no requests?" As one may say, except "Your site is not interested for SEO?"

Browse the forum – there should be a theme of "No requests". Look at the experience of fellow sufferers.

Some exchangers publish general statistics. Look at how many pages are available and what is your quote. How many requests put on the stock exchanger in a day? If it is known, one can calculate the ratio – the average number of requests you can get.

Don't be very greed

1. My advice is to sell no more than 2 links from one page (ie, have no more than 2 seats on sale). This applies to both the root and internal pages.

2. Exceptions can be made for the root page with high PR, but then do not put more than 5 seats.

3. Remember that optimizers are carefully analyzed the number of external links on your pages, and optimizer's filter "select pages that have no more than 1 – 2 – 3 links" is one of the key.

4. Remember that optimizers can check the number of links during the life of the link. If the optimizer placed link on the page where there was no external links – is unlikely he will be happy when eventually see his link in the company of 5 or 10 others.

In general all the time remember that greedyness is bad way. Increase the number and quality of your pages on the exchange, not the number of seats on one page.

Filtering requests

Subjects of external links on your site greatly affect its assessment of the search engines. If many links will point to the mobile phone shops – then your site will rank as one that is relevant to mobile communications, and if your links point to car repairs services – and then your site will be considered as automobile.

This, of course, only one of the factors that search engines determine the theme of your site, but very important. Tell me who your friend, and I say what Google Page rank you have.

If you like your the site, you will not have to show links to sensitive categories for search engines.

Personally, I categorically reject all requestss for sites following categories:

  • – let those sites link to place their own kind;
  • – anything that offers games for money; free games, I think, no harm;
  • – everything, including and ;
  • – on our happiness, such requests are very rare;
  • – all products of this kind, regardless of whether they have any effect or not;
  • – requires analysis;

The latter category requires some analysis. Requests for advertising different drugs – a lot, and to reject them all – stupid (as well as unwise to reject advertising of lawyer fears that he may lose the case). Each request requires an examination of drug advertisements – that the product offered, and depending on the outcome the request can accept, reject, add this site to blacklist (if it offers only this inappropriate drug) or place a product name in the list of stop words.

How do you determine whether you can take the drug? My personal method is this: I'm looking for product name on Wikipedia and look whether the article have the section «legal status» or «". In most cases, the existence of such a section is grounds for rejection of the request and entering the name in the list of stop words. It is important to look not only English Wikipedia, but also Ukrainian and Russian (if such items are available). Some drugs are evaluated in different countries in different ways, for example, in some countries (particularly in Ukraine and Russia) treated as narcotic, and in other countries – is not considered. Useful is . There own List number 1 – that are completely forbidden, it is, in my opinion, one should follow always. Other lists – for your consideration.

On the other hand, the possibility of drug abuse or overdose danger to me personally is not a ground for rejection, because these threats inherent any of the drug.

My personal list of stop words is as follows:

In my personal blacklist can see sites such characteristic names:

and many ishnyh.

400 "relatively fair" ways to hide links

Evil webmasters, wanting to earn at links exchangers and the same time not to attract attention, invented many deceptive ways to output links. Among them:

  • placing links outside of the block html – /html;
  • placing links in the "head" block of the web page;
  • hiding links using the CSS property display: none;
  • placing links in the div, attributed to -1 000 pixels up and left;
  • placing links in the div of zero size;
  • output text references with zero or trace height;
  • setting the link text color to background color;
  • output link via javascript operators;
  • and many, many others…

My advice – not use any of these ways. Optimizers also have black lists, and if they see their links hidden – they abandon your site forever. If the site is the subject of complaints of violations of exchanger rules – moderator can delete it, and that is all.

Protection from venal links detectors

However, care should be taken that the sponsored links on your site does not look as venal links. It is not against men (their will determine the sponsored links at a glance if they are not hidden a "relatively honest" ways mentioned above). It is about the automatic determination of sponsored links.

Useful information on this subject is available on . I will briefly tell in my own words.

A typical algorithm for determining venal links is adding to a page URL random parameter. For example, if your page was example.com/page.html, you can try to address example.com/page.html?Test=test.

In terms of links exchangers – these are two different pages, so if the first one posted a link on the second it will not. These are links that were present at the regular URL, but disappeared for extended URL, evaluated as venal ones.

Since the method definition follows the method of protection: a variation on the white list of parameters. Example code is shown in the said site. Some exchangers include such protection directly in their client code (client must pass an option to enable security), but others impose this duty on the web-master.

I advise you set your white list of parameters and transfer to exchanger client filtered URL. This method is advantageous in that does not depend on the particular exchanger (important if you plan to use multiple exchangers).

Output the links by one

Each exchanger contains a recommendation to the webmaster – not to put all links in one place, and distribute them to various locations on the page. Surprisingly, this elementary requirement is difficult to implement: any exchanger client does not contain the method of determining the number of links on this page.

To determine this number, we must examine the client code. The universal way is to output links in the cycle. For every passage the client requested one link… until exhaustion. The condition to stop the cycle must determine experimentally for each particular exchanger. It should also be remembered that the client response to the request of one link may be different depending on whether the request came from the exchanger's bot, or from another source.

Sites for sale links

Does it makes sense to create sites specifically for earnings by selling links?

In my opinion – do not be. It is not bad ethics of new bad sites, which are useless for people. The point is the same money that we're going to earn.

Revenue from advertising on the site similar to the income from the orchard: it should grow over the years. Nobody expects to get fruit from the newly planted garden after a month or two – it should raise a year, and two and three and then collect benefits.

Similarly are web sites. If the first year of your newly created website will bring you revenue in the amount of fees for a domain name – you can believe that he is developing successfully. In subsequent years it will bring more and more if you continue to develop it.

Thus, practical advice is this: build a web site that is fun for you and then start thinking how you can monetize.

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