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Earnings in the Internet

The question "Where to make money " – is always relevant. In this section I will publish articles from my personal experience – where and how you can earn money online.

Is it real?

Yes, it's real. Daily Internet use more than 1 billion people, of whom about 5 million living in Ukraine (if you see an ad where "In Ukraine 14 million users " – boldly spit into their eyes, we can not live without falsifications).

And all these people need something, they come to the Internet to satisfy some personal needs. So if someone knows something and this "something" can be represented in the Internet – these his knowledge / ability to always find interested, those who need them.

So, to pull money online, it is necessary, first, to publish their knowledge / skills in the Internet, and secondly, to offer consumers a convenient way to pay. Fortunately, the experience of millions made the first task is quite simple, and the second – well, not quite simple, but already acceptable.

Price matters, or Who have not read it

My articles are designed for those who want to earn by honest personal work.

So if you buy every day the "Mercedes" and ponder where to earn money to buy every day "Bentley" or "Ferrari" – this article does not help.

If you count for 1 hour / day / week to earn a million (no matter what) – these articles you will also not help.

This is not considered and other dishonest and illegal "schemes".

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